Searchlight Games announces Turn-Based Champion
Compete with your friends in this partygame-rpg hybrid!

On May 31st, Missouri-based Searchlight Games will release Turn-Based Champion for PC on Steam. This game will spark competition between friends as they compete against monsters in turn-based battle and each other in minigames for the title of champ.

The game features a nostalgic combination of retro rpg influences to garner your inner child. Reminisce in an old school class system, turn-based battles, and level grinding while you race against your friends to take on bosses. But make sure you are also prepared to take them on in competitive minigames! Caution: friendships may be broken while playing Turn-Based Champion.

Turn-Based Champion is planned for release on Steam for Windows and Linux, as well as for Xbox in the Creators Collection. It should run fine on most computers running windows 7 or later, just make sure you have enough USB ports for your friends to join! Find out more at its official webpage,

This will be Searchlight Games first release on Steam. Find out more about the developer at their website: Or stay up to date with development through their twitter:


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Cregg Hancock (Owner, Lead Developer)